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Ariane Levasseur

Chorégraphe, Interprète

Based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), Ariane Levasseur uses the body as her main artistic vehicle. Her studies at the Université du Québec à Montréal enabled her to work with Andrea Peña, Danièle Desnoyers, Catherine Gaudet and James Viveiros, among others. In 2021, she took part in Caroline Laurin-Beaucage's project "Habiter Nos Mémoires", broadcast at Place-des-Arts. Since completing her bachelor's degree in dance, for which she was awarded the William Douglas Prize, Ariane has worked with emerging choreographers including Rozenn Lecomte, Lila Geneix, Miranda Chan and Noël Vézina. In 2023, she took part in a research residency with Carré des Lombes, as part of their "Compagnonnage" project. As a performer-creator, she continues to explore resistance, the beauty of protesting and fragments of intimacy through movement in a variety of performative contexts.