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Louis-philippe Laurendeau

Chorégraphe, Enseignant.e, Gestionnaire, Interprète

Louis-Philippe Laurendeau is a classical and neoclassical ballet dancer, teacher, and choreographer since 2017. His journey in classical dance follows the Vaganova method, and he is also a multidisciplinary artist. He began his training at Ballet Eddy Toussaint and then honed his art with different teachers such as Paula Urrutia, Irina Chorna, and Jesus Corales.

In 2019, Louis-Philippe produced "Autrefois", his first choreographic work for a group of dancers presented at the Benefit Gala. His moving work was acclaimed by the public and it was at this time that he decided to devote himself more seriously to dance and choreography. In 2021, Louis-Philippe leaves the company to become an independent professional artist and opens his own ballet studio in Laval. In 2022, he joined the company Ballet Ouest for its annual production of Casse-Noisette where he interpreted the role of Cavalier and he also is involved in the new creation of the company Le Lac.

With a comprehensive training background, he fully dedicates himself to his art, pushing the boundaries of his creativity in various forms of artistic expression. His unwavering passion and constant ambition are reflected in each of his captivating performances which convey emotions and wonder to the audience.