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Guillaume Loslier-Pinard

Chorégraphe, Interprète

With a bachelor's degree in contemporary dance from Concordia University, Guillaume Loslier-Pinard has danced and choreographed for a number of festivals and venues, including Tangente, Quartiers Danses, Bouge d'Ici, Festival ZH in Montreal and Kinetic Studios in Halifax.

He has practiced several martial arts (aikido, karate, jiu-jitsu), physical theater and is interested in partner work and dance improvisation techniques.

Guillaume is deeply involved in dance therapy and sports for people with disabilities (Association de sports pour aveugles de Montréal, Centres de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau).

Currently, Guillaume is active in the traditional Quebec dance scene, and in 2023 joined the troupe Les Éclusiers de Lachine.