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Créations interdisciplinaires nous tombons tous | We All Fall Down


We All Fall Down (WAFD)
is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes creation,
research, presentation and innovation in dance, music and theatre,
through interdisciplinary artistic propositions. Founded in December
2019, WAFD formalizes the 20-year collaboration between choreographer
Helen Simard and composer Roger White. Under their artistic
co-direction, the company has made the performing arts a site for
experimentation and risk-taking, allowing the deconstruction and
reinvention of the body and the ways it interconnects with time and
space, as much for the performer as the spectator. In their
interdisciplinary creations, the body is a speaking, dancing, musical
entity, at once impulsive, vulnerable, hybrid, vigorous, dislocated, and

WAFD are associated artists of Diagramme – gestion culturelle.