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Meihan Carrier-Brisson


Meihan Carrier-Brisson is a dance artist based in Montréal, Canada. Born in China and adopted into a Canadian family, she pursued dance by attending Cégep de Saint-Laurent where she received a scholarship fund for her academic performance. Then, in 2022, she graduated from École de danse contemporaine de Montréal where she collaborated with choreographers such as Virginie Brunelle, José Navas, Manuel Roque, and Louise Bédard who pushed her towards various creative processes and artistic styles.

Passionate about physicality in movement, art, cinema and music, Meihan takes also great interest in psychology, media and technology. She shines as a performer but also thrives behind the action whether as choreographer or artistic director, etc. Openminded and curious she loves to challenge herself. Lately, Meihan explores the themes surrounding identity in terms of her personal and cultural significance as a Canadian Chinese-adoptee. She carries on growing and blooming whilst sharing and diving deeper into her passion for movement and art.