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Studio La Lola

Studio La Lola is available for activities such as teaching (dance, music, theater, yoga, martial arts, etc.), rehearsals, occasional workshops or courses, photo sessions, filmings, or various artistic or social activities.

Artists have access to:

  • A bright space of 1,900 square feet, with high ceilings (14 feet high);
  • A resilient bamboo dance floor (22 x 41 feet);
  • Mirrors (5 ½ x 35 feet) that can be covered with curtains if needed;
  • A complete sound system (12-track console and mp3/iPod connection);
  • Internet connection;
  • A small dressing room and a kitchenette (microwave, fridge, kettle);
  • Toilets on the floor;
  • An option for a public end-of-residency presentation.

The studio is located in the Saint-Henri neighborhood in Montreal (Saint-Henri station).

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