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Professional Massage Therapy at Reduced Rate

I’m a former professional dancer and am a certified massage therapist in Swedish techniques. Beyond my experience as a dancer, I’m also practicing jiujitsu. Movement and physical and somatic practices are indispensable and very joyful to me, all of which feeds into my approach as a massage therapist. I rely on traditional and tried-and-tested techniques but with an intuitive, creative touch. And I always start with a welcoming smile and a keen ear!

I would love to serve the Montreal dance community, through AcuPop/Les Portes Oranges in the Mile End neighbourhood. The price range offered ($65 to $90 for 1 hour; $100 to $130 for 1.5 hours) makes massage therapy more accessible. Clients decide the payment amount according to the proposed scale, considering their own overall financial situation (income, insurance, etc.).