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Temple for Queers: Frozen Sky Lodge avec Moe Clark et Victoria Hunt

4:30PM to 6:00PM

Online, Montréal


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cosmic conduits + freakee devotees
we assemble at 4:30
prayer begins as light descends (5:08pm)

mythical beings conjured at the in-between
in tastawayihk-iyiniwak we believe
takatāpui winds animate
their magical voices we receive

somatic sensing commencing
we trance softly and gently
requesting permission from
celestial, terrestrial + subterranean guardians
to align sacred frequencies

we enchant, incant, body wiggle, spirit squiggle
in a great conjuring of aroha – sakihitowin
we praise intimate kin

Dress to impress the spirits + bring a small personal towel. No cellphones, come as you would to a ceremony.

Temple for Queers is an offering of frames or conduits for participants to pass through as individuals, and through being together in space.

The invited artists are encouraged to weave their own practices, reflections, and curiosities into the fabric of a facilitated spiritual experience, centering their personal interests, desires, pleasures, and joys, however queer or traditional they may be.

ARTIST BIOS + ACCESSIBILITY INFO: https://www.studio303.ca/en/queer-performance-camp-5/

This event is offered as part of the 6th edition of Queer Performance Camp, a collaboration between Studio 303, MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels) and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines.