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Multitud ∣ Tamars Cubas

An impressive, diverse mass floods the Place des Festivals. Initially motionless, 75 people of all ages and backgrounds spring into action in a race tinged with anger. The music pulses. The swarm of vibrant humanity is suddenly interrupted. Contagious laughter erupts, and the carousel spins again. Images and intense emotions unfold in a captivating dance of relationships, where each person acts freely and conscientiously toward others. Night after night, the group relies on the expression of individualities and recreates, from a single body, a work reflecting the world. Between chaos and euphoric solidarity.

Uruguayan choreographer Tamara Cubas shifts the choreographic composition towards collective organization in “Multitud,” which has electrified 17 cities over the past decade. Revealing our capacity to affect others and to be affected ourselves, she places agency, difference, and dissidence as the foundations of any collective project. Eminently political.