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Living Landscapes by Lara Kramer

372, rue Ste Catherine Ouest, Studio 303, Montreal

Living Landscapes is about building relationships, relationships of our body with objects, text/word, textures, sound, land, and the varying visual registers that give space to forms of animacy. Activating, responding, discovering, and listening to the multitude of voices is at the heart of this exploration.

This workshop will probe experiential play and realities, exploring memories/future memories, notions of lineage, non-human entities, dreams, poetry, the varying states of the body, sensing textures and sonic development in the context of performance and experimentation. Centering our various agencies with regard to our varying capacities will be key. How do we each meet fulfillment, failure, potentiality, and finally resonance?

Working with temporality, we will give time to deceleration to allow new and old embodied knowledge and awareness to unfold, exploring a personal rigorous approach to minimalism. We will take our time “being with” natural and urban landscape(s), exploring their intrinsic intimacies.