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End of Residency Showcase: MELLOW PAD • Solo Jazz Dance • Daphné LT

5:00PM to 6:00PM
Entrée libre

Maison pour la danse, Québec


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End of residency open to the public

Doors → 4:30 pm

Presentation → 5:00 pm

Free entry and late arrivals tolerated

Since November, I’ve had the immense privilege of working on a research and creation project in jazz dance. This week marks the culmination of the first phase of this project, as I have the opportunity to be in residence at the Maison pour la danse.

With the Mellow Pad project, I aim to bring a logic of creation and experimentation of a personal artistic signature in solo jazz. Concretely, I enjoy improvising to the sounds of swing, cool, and funk to bring out the creative potential of vernacular jazz vocabulary in a more contemporary practice.

I, therefore, invite you to the end of this residency to share the process and results of this work. Accompanied by my advisor and precious accomplice Julia Maude Cloutier, it will be a privilege to interact with you.

A huge THANK YOU to Première Ovation, La Swing Ambassade, and the Maison pour la danse for their invaluable support of this project.

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© photo: Leïka Morin // Maison pour la danse