Stage intensif - Fighting Monkey avec Rootless Root


50$/jour - 25$/demi-journée
artistes professionnel·le·s de la danse et du cirque
100$/jour - 50$/demi-journée
autres bougeur·se·s expérimenté·e·s

9h à 12 et 13h à 17h

(en anglais seulement)

We are movers with a strong athletic and artistic background.
We consider movement not restricted to moves.
We consider movement to be the means for survival, knowledge, creativity and pleasure.
We created Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™ out of a burning need to develop as humans
through a practice that would nourish our passion and love for life.
Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™

is an innovative movement practice with wide applications in various fields such as Dance Movement Therapy Services, Sports, Martial Arts, Rehabilitation, Arts, Communication to name some.
Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™

studies how our structure and physiology interrelate with our behaviour,emotions, thoughts and memories.
Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™

creates “Movement Situations” that help you transform training into activity that positively affects your daily life.
Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™

allows you to test how valid is your knowledge and how creatively adaptive you are when you encounter the unknown.
Fighting Monkey Rootlessroot™

supports your potential in the field you want to excel.


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