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The RQD and the DTRC are working together to improve the career transition of dancers and choreographers in Québec


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The Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) and the Québec office of the Dancer Transition Resources Centre (DTRC) are pleased to announce the start of a process to consolidate services offered to dancers and the launch of a pilot project to provide career transition support to choreographers. The DTRC will lend its expertise and resources to carry out the mandate in collaboration with the RQD who will administer the $150,000 grant from the Ministry of Culture and Communications (MCC). The funding for these projects is part of the action plan for Québec’s cultural policy.

The first part of the project aims to consolidate, increase and promote the services offered to dancers who work in the province by the DTRC’s Québec office. It will include the creation of two new positions: communications, and member and community support coordination.

The second part plans to initiate a pilot project to provide career transition support to actors, musicians, circus performers and choreographers. Five choreographers from Québec will have the opportunity to benefit from personalized career transition support thanks to programs, services and financial support offered by the DTRC’s Québec office. The RQD and the DTRC will launch a call for participation in December 2018. Meanwhile, the MCC will conduct a study to evaluate the needs of artists working in performing arts and the types of services needed to better assist them.

The RQD represents and defends the interests of over 500 dance professionals in research, creation or repertoire and plays a leading role in the advancement of every sector of the discipline: creation, production, presentation, training and services. For almost 35 years, it has actively contributed to raising awareness and improving conditions for dancers performing on the public stage.

The DTRC is a not for profit organisation founded in 1985 with nearly 700 members. In 2002, it opened its Québec office. The DTRC helps dancers make the necessary career transition into, within, and from the many transition phases related to their artistic, professional and personal path and gives them the necessary tools to achieve their full potential. It also supports activities that improve the socioeconomic conditions of artists across the country.

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This project was made possible with the
financial support of the government of Quebec

Coralie Muroni
RQD's Communications Manager
514 849-4003 #222.

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