Représentation et concertation | Le 22 novembre 2018

Talking circle about Inclusion and Living Together on December 10

Ateliers du Rendez-vous annuel des membres du RQD, 2018 © Jasmine Allan-Côté

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At the request of participants in the hugely successful workshop on systemic racism and cultural appropriation held on October 13, 2018, the RQD will present two new talking circles between now and next spring. The first will be held on the evening of Monday, December 10, while the second will be presented in February or March. These two-hour activities will be carried out in much the same way as the member AGM, based on the principle of equal speaking time, and participants will have the option of expressing themselves in writing*. The messages drawn from the first talking circle will serve as the point of departure for fresh exchanges, where each participant can discuss his or her experiences, thoughts and reflections from the perspective of better understanding the issues specific to the dance community in order to make it as inclusive as possible, in a spirit of respect for everyone involved.

On December 10, Tangente and the Agora de la danse will graciously welcome us to the Paul-André Fortier studio in the Wilder Building. The doors open from 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., after which they will remain closed to foster the spirit of disclosure that these discussions require.

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* The Embodied talk approach has been invented as part of Camille Renarhd's PhD research.
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