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New Membership Policy: simpler, more flexible and more benefits!

Les pieds dans l'eau, Cindy Mae Arsenault. Extrait de la vidéo réalisée par Luc Miousse et Ian Deslongchamps
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Lower fees for organizations and relaxed eligibility criteria that take into account the versatility of dance professionals and the diverse mandates of companies—the 2017-2018 RQD Membership Policy has been updated, while shedding a few pages in the process!

Lower fees for organizations
As dance organizations come under increasing financial pressure, our new rates for professional corporate members will allow most of them to join the RQD at a reduced cost as of June 2017. A first in the history of the Regroupement québécois de la danse!

The fees for professional dance associations, companies, support-and-service organizations and specialized presenters and events are now set according to the annual revenues of organizations after deductions of sponsorship revenues and exchange of services. In addition, it is no longer necessary to submit financial statements (except for first-time memberships) or even certain contracts. And no more supporting documents that weighed down the process!

A policy in line with different company models
Organizational models are renewed, mandates change, the boundaries between disciplines become increasingly blurred. To welcome multidisciplinary companies embracing dance, those that take independent choreographers under their wings, and those that offer cultural mediation in dance, the RQD Membership Policy is proposing a new definition of dance companies. The rights and advantages accruing to independent choreographers represented by “umbrella” companies have also been specified. Welcome to all those who have dance engraved on their hearts!

The versatility of dance professionals finally recognized
You have mentioned it to us over the last few years: you practise several professions, constantly juggling the roles of choreographer, dancer, teacher, rehearsal director, cultural worker, researcher and even designer. Whether it be by choice or to diversify your income, versatility is the issue. Up until now, you could choose a maximum of two professional activities when applying for membership... A difficult choice that you no longer have to make! All of your activities will be accepted from now on, recognized and valued by the RQD. Naturally, you must meet the criteria for each—but once proven, that’s it for life!

While undertaking this major revision of its membership policy, the RQD has also stipulated the eligibility requirements of designers and rehearsal directors, as well as revising numerous details to clarify and simplify the text.

A committee guiding the RQD
The Regroupement québécois de la danse would like to extend its warmest thanks to the membership committee, whose members have given careful consideration to the RQD Membership Policy. This includes Board of Director administrators Fannie Bellefeuille, Tessa Goulet and Michael Toppings, as well employees Virginie Desloges, the project coordinator, and Coralie Muroni. Thanks to their expert advice, the Regroupement québécois de la danse is continuing to adapt to changes in the dance community and its ecology. The membership campaign starts at the beginning of June!

See the 2017-2018 Membership Policy

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