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Membership Campaign

Annual RQD Members Meeting (2012) © Rachel Germain

As my second year as President of the Regroupement québécois de la danse draws to a close, I continue to marvel at the efforts made by this association. The RQD thinks big, using all its energy and expertise to ensure that each sector of the discipline is solidly supported and represented.

When all members work together towards a common goal, the results can be extraordinary. I deeply believe in this synergy, which renews the ways we think and operate, which strengthens us collectively and develops us individually. How can the RQD make a difference in your professional life?

RQD is there to:

► mobilize the dance community
► defend your interests in the public and political spheres
► defend and protect your working conditions
► help you on your professional path with ongoing training programs suited to your needs
► promote your activities
► raise the profile of the discipline and its artisans
► help dancers to train at a lower cost
► develop all facets of the discipline: creation, production, presentation, training, services.

The RQD exists for—and because of—its members! I know that individually we are achieving great things. But working together is what sets us apart, the defining feature of our projects, collectives, companies and creation sites.

And when we combine our efforts, visions and talents, we can reach greater and greater heights… because together, anything is possible!

Harold Rhéaume, President


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to get a $15 discount as a Professionnal Individual Member or as an Apprentice Member.



New Membership Policy
► Increased recognition of diversity in dance practices
► Membership process facilitated for newcomers to Quebec
► Simplified requirements for dancers and choreographers
More information

Find all the information about the membership categories, criteria and fees in the 2016-2017 Membership Policy

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