En vie associative | Le 6 juin 2017 - Harold Rhéaume, RQD President

It’s membership time!

Harold Rhéaume © Daniel Richard

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Over 500 of us—artists, teachers, cultural workers—constitute the engine of this unique group representing the dance community, serving it and defending its interests. We thank all those who have already demonstrated their trust and loyalty. As we all know, there is strength in numbers. To ensure that our common voice becomes even stronger, I am now inviting you to become an RQD member and to spread the word about its mission.

The Regroupement québécois de la danse has played a major role in rallying the artistic communities, bringing some 500 people together in Montreal and collecting 3,700 signatures on a letter to the Quebec government requesting a funding increase of $40 million for CALQ. More than ever, mobilization and solidarity are synonymous with strength; the results of our actions reflect the power of our shared convictions.

Our group takes concrete actions. In addition to strong political representation, RQD offers us collaborative tools, training tailored to our needs, technical classes, a reimbursement program for classes, guidance, visibility and documentation, in addition to promoting the discipline of dance and its heritage.

The RQD is also a platform for dialogue, a focal point for gatherings and cooperation, so we can get to know each other better and thus work together more effectively.

A simple and effective way of adding new voices to our group is to talk about the RQD, its mission and mandate, about the importance and advantages of being a member.

I encourage you to contact your colleagues and friends who are not members, who are hesitating or not really familiar with the association. You are the best ambassadors for the RQD because you know what it does for you, and for development and visibility of dance.

It is for you—and thanks to you—that the RQD team strives day after day to go further and further.

With best wishes,

Harold Rhéaume

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