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2015-2016 Membership Campaign

RDV annuel des membres © Rachel Germain

When the Regroupement québécois de la danse was formed thirty years ago, I was entering the world of professional dance. I became a member of the RQD at the beginning of my career as a choreographer, and have renewed that commitment year after year for nearly twenty years. Why? Because I feel it is vitally important to be part of a collective project that allows artists to break out of their isolation, that brings them closer to other members of the dance community.

In addition to offering its members a wide range of services—in training, promotion, networking, information, and much more—the RQD provides a unique forum for exchanges and representation that serves to position dance in the public and political spheres. I believe in this association, which embraces numerous fields of activity and diverse artistic practices, helping the discipline to advance.

After being elected President of the RQD in October 2014, I have had special access to the inner workings of the RQD. What has struck me the most is the vibrancy and daily commitment of the RQD team, which fulfills the organization’s mandates under the direction of a passionate woman devoted to the cause of dance, along with a dedicated group of seasoned administrators who form the Board of Directors.

On their behalf, I am now inviting you to join the RQD and attend its 31st Annual Members Meetingon October 24 and 25, 2015 in Montreal. It will be an opportunity to unite our actions, discuss issues with our peers, and share our ideas, concerns, values and dreams.

Together, let us continue to make this association a unique engine of development, at once powerful and dynamic.

Harold Rhéaume
Choreographer and President of RQD


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