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Fabienne Cabado
Executive Director
Ext. 223



Coralie Muroni
Communications Manager
Ext. 222


Camille Pilawa
Communications and Activities Agent
Ext. 225

  Professional development


Daniel Bastien
Coordinator, Professional Development
Ext. 227

  Members services


Diana Catalina Cardenas
Members Services Agent
Ext. 224



Virginie Desloges
Finance and Administration Manager
Ext. 228

Ingrid Valent
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 221


Valérie Lessard
Project Manager - Professional Relations
Ext. 226

Sophie Trolliet-Martial
Digital Cultural Developement Agent
Ext. 226


Accounting is carried out by Dumont St-Pierre:





Jamie Wright - President
Dancer, teacher and rehearsal master


Lük Fleury - Vice-president
Artistic and Executive Director





François Bellefeuille - Vice-president
Administrative Director
Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique



Fannie Bellefeuille - Treasurer
Executive Director



Adrien Bussy
Director of Development
José Navas / Compagnie Flak



Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy
Dance Director
Théâtre Hector-Charland




Miriam Ginestier - Secretary
Artistic and General Director
Studio 303




Amanda Gravel



Marie Mougeolle



Axelle Munezero
Dancer and choreographer



Dorian Nuskind-Oder



Georges-Nicolas Tremblay
Dancer and researcher



Angélique Willkie
Teacher and researcher



The RDQ’s governance structure is composed of three governing bodies:

  • The General Assembly, consisting of all professional individual and corporate members;
  • The Board of Directors, consisting of 13 directors: 10 of whom are elected by the General Assembly (five elected by and from among the individual professional members, the other five elected by and from among the corporate professional members), and three of whom are co-opted by the elected directors;
  • The Executive Board, whose five members are appointed by the Board of Directors to the positions of Chair, Vice-Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer.



In order to stimulate its reflection process, guide its actions and better respond to issues deemed crucial to the dance community, specifically in connection with cultural and political developments, the RQD has formed committees mandated to carry out work in line with its priorities. On these committees, some of which are reserved for the board of directors, RQD members are invited to share their opinions, put forward recommendations, and steer RQD advocacy efforts with government authorities.

2017-2018 COMMITEES

Career and Succession Comittee
The Career and Succession Committee’s focus is on establishing dance succession guidelines and identifying development issues faced by dance artists at every stage of their careers.

This committee is made up of Paul Caskey, Francine Châteauvert, Dena Davida, Lük Fleury, Tessa Goulet, Alexia Martel, Axelle Munezero, Dorian Nuskind-Oder, Claudia St-Georges, Virginie Desloges and Fabienne Cabado.

Inclusion and Living-Together Committee
The Inclusion and Living-Together Committee is mandated to identify means to fight discrimination in all forms and promote inclusivity in the professional dance community. During its first year of existence (2017-2018), this committee is dealing with issues of systemic racism, cultural appropriation, and the inclusion of cultural and artistic diversity in dance.

The committee’s 20 or so members opted in favour of a non-hierarchical mode of operation whereby member cells are formed to delve into various themes, with the cells meeting occasionally for plenary sessions with the objective of sharing the fruits of their efforts.

This committee is made up of Diana Catalina Cardenas, Christine Charles, Kim-Sanh Chau, Angie Cheng, Sophie Corriveau, Mélanie Demers, Ellen Furey, Miriam Ginestier, Jannelle Hacault, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Susanna Hood, Lucy M. May, Axelle Munezero, Coralie Muroni, Ariana Pirela Sanchez, Pierre-David Rodrigue, Sonya Stefan, Daniel Soulières, Bettina Szabo, Philip Szporer, Catherine Tardif, Andrew Turner and Angélique Willkie.

Committee on Dance Hubs and Centres
The Committee on Dance Hubs and Centres is dedicated to better promoting the development and visibility of dance outside Montreal and to discussing the current definition of hub.

This committee is made up of Paule Beaudry, Nadia BellefeuilleAdrien Bussy, Chantal Caron, Francine Châteauvert, Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy, Steve Huot, Geneviève Lauzon, Violaine Morinville, Ariana Pirela Sanchez and Fabienne Cabado.

Digital Survey Committee
This committee supports the project to study digital practices and uses in dance.

The Digital Survey Committee is chaired by Professional Development Coordinator Daniel Bastien. This committe is made up of Claudia Chan TakKarla Étienne, Marine Leparc, Hélène NadeauYves RocrayPierre-David Rodrigue and Mickaël Spinnhirny.




Governance Committee
This board committee is mandated to develop a salary policy for RQD employees and to review it every two years, as with the RQD’s General Regulations and its labour policy. The Governance Committee is also tasked with conducting an annual evaluation of the executive director.

Chaired by Finance and Administration Manager Virginie Desloges, the Governance Committee is made up of Fannie BellefeuilleFrançois BellefeuilleMiriam Ginestier, Véronyque Roy and Fabienne Cabado.

Mobilization and Consensus-building Committee 
This board committee supports the executive director in developing mobilization and consensus-building strategies and prioritizing files.

Chaired by RQD Executive Director Fabienne Cabado, the Mobilization and Consensus-building Committee is made up of François BellefeuilleLük FleuryDorian Nuskind-Oder et Jamie Wright.

Membership Committee
This board committee is tasked with helping review the RQD membership policy, and occasionally processing membership applications, as well as requests to change membership category or update membership criteria.

Chaired by Finance and Administration Manager Virginie Desloges, the committee is currently made up of Diana Catalina Cardenas, Fannie Bellefeuille and Jamie Wright.


Technical Classes Committee
The Technical Classes Committee is responsible for programming technical dance classes offered by the RQD, with the objective of offering regular, diversified and high-calibre training to dance professionals at an affordable cost. The committee identifies and selects dance teachers and musicians, establishes the class schedule, and ensures that the classes offered meet the needs of the dance community.

Chaired by Professional Development Coordinator Daniel Bastien, this committee is made up of the following member-performers: Ariane BouletKaren FennellCaroline Laurin-Beaucage, Jean-François Légaré, James Phillips and Anne Thériault.

Committee on the Dancer Training Support Program
This committee meets annually to update and validate the Dancer Training Support Program policy prior to its adoption by the RQD board of directors. 

Chaired by Professional Development Coordinator Daniel Bastien, this committee is made up of Johanna BienaiseNathalie BlanchetGeorges-Nicolas Tremblay and Jamie Wright.