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Jennifer Casimir

Interprète, Enseignant

Jennifer Casimir (aka bgirl bounce) is from Montreal Canada.

Originally a competitive gymnast and trampolinist, she found dance in 1999.

She is a professional breakdancer with over a decade of experience and has performed, battled and given workshops across Canada, the US and Europe.

She is a specialized bgirl and has trained under the pioneer’s of this art form in NYC where she also learned other street styles.  

She has toured extensively performing for several dance companies such as: Cirque du Soleil(QC),BluePrint For Life (Ottawa), Destins Croisés (Montreal), Solid State(Montreal), Les Flip Femmez (Montreal), Flamenco ConFusion (Spain), Jim Linehan (NYC), Full Circle (NYC), AHéroSol (Montreal/France).

She is committed to respecting the foundations of her art form but also enjoys pushing her boundaries by collaborating in non-traditional projects. She is also a member of the all female bgirl Legendary Crew.