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Jane Mappin

Chorégraphe, Enseignant

For the past thirty years, Jane has worked actively as interpreter, choreographer and teacher. As creator, she is interested in the relationship between dance and other forms of artistic expression. Her choreographic work has been shown across Canada, South America and Europe.

After working for five years at Le Groupe de la Place Royale, in Ottawa, Jane became an independent choreographer in her native Montreal, in 1989. In 1999, in the context of a master’s degree in creation, Jane choreographed Les anges monstrueux (1999).

Jane has collaborated with visual artists (Mikihiro Nishumatsu, John Heward, Jean Gervais, and with the work of William Perehudoff) and filmmakers (Léa Pool and Pepita Ferrari).

In 2003, Jane presented Cinq voix, cinq visages, an interdisciplinary work involving five dancers, five seven-year old girls, video and two singers. She has since collaborated twice with cellist Erich Kory, and photographer Michael Slobodian.

Jane danced for Charmaine Leblanc in Quarantaine (2004) and Terminus (2012), a co-production of Dansecité). In 2013, Jane created L” with interpreter Daniel Firth. Their collaboration continues with Je marche à côté de moi, a trilogy treating the delicate subject of mental illness. Jane has taught and choreographed at L’École supérieure de ballet du québec since 2007.