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Eryn Tempest

Interprète, Chorégraphe

Eryn Tempest is an Edmonton expat. She moved to Montréal in 2012 to pursue her studies at Concordia University in the contemporary dance department. She recently finished the program and has since been working with Project Contrabête on various film projects, including some work of her own conception and choreography.

Eryn's formative training was done with Gerry Morita of Mile Zero dance and Kathy Ochoa of K.O. Dance Productions. She predominantly studied and trained in improv, release work, contact improv and a japanese practice called Noguchi Taiso.

Eryn's creative practice involves research into dreams and theories of consciousness. She is interested in investigating movement and choreography on a cellular level. Much of her group work tends toward the sombre and macabre and is often very visual and cinematic. While her solo work is a continuous investigation into the energetic mechanisms of her own body and a preoccupation with the movement of the water inside the body. 

Eryn is thrilled to have finished her schooling and looks forward to immersing herself in the rich dance culture that exists in Montréal.