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Evelynn Yan

Evelynn Yan, originally from Vancouver Island, British Colombia started her training of contemporary dance while attending l’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal. Within the first year of graduation (class of 2021) Evelynn kicked off her career by performing twice in Europe followed by a Montreal premiere in the prestigious Théâtre Maisonneuve .

While she was still attending school, she was asked to audition for Isabelle Van Grimde. She proceeded to join Van Grimde’s latest web series Mutations and later on in the year toured to Germany performing the lead role in the dance installation Eve 2050.

After meeting choreographer Virginie Brunelle, she was invited to take part in her new creation of Fables 2022, which she premiered with the company in Switzerland at Lugano Dance Project. She later performed the same piece for Danse Danse 2022.

She has also performed at La Festival Quartier Danse in 2021 with choreographer/dancer Charles Brecard, with whom she continues to work with on a piece in collaboration with electric guitarist Tim Brady.

Evelynn as an artist is interested in exploring her versatility as a dancer, as well as her skills in visual arts, music, design and the ever-going exploration of her Chinese/Canadian heritage.