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Aly Keita

Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor, Accompanying musician

I began my artistic career as a dancer in Conakry (Guinea) at the age of 13. I then graduated in circus arts at the Keita Fodeba Centre for Acrobatic Arts (2007-2015), where I also perfected traditional music and ballet. In 2016, I arrived in Canada thanks to a cultural exchange project between young Inuit and Guineans acrobats. This was for the production of a documentary, Circus Without Borders, shot between Guinea and Nunavut. In Québec, I collaborated with Productions Kalabanté, Cirque Éloize and Cavalia (Odysséo). I then joined the Nyata Nyata dance company, directed by Zab Maboungou, where I complete the Artistic and Professional Training Program in Dance (PEFAPDA) and I also participated as a performer in the work Mozongi. Between 2020 and 2021, I dedicated myself to the creation of my choreographic work “Djata: Conversations du Manden”. Fascinated by interdisciplinary collaborations, I also participated in music and digital projects (Opéra de Lévis; MAPP_Montréal; Collectif White Wash; etc). In addition to my experience on stage, I have accumulated experience in cultural mediation, collaborating with various festivals and organizations in the community, immigration and health fields.