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Monday Night Dances – Moving through sensation

Monday night dances – Moving through sensation.

Contemporary Dance Classes – Bilingual French & English

We, Kerwin Barrington and Mathi LP warmly invite you to our Contemporary dance class Monday evenings at Circuit -Est St-André from 6 p.m. à 8 p.m. 

Built in a relational way, this class emphasizes learning through experience. We will use Axis Syllabus principles and a variation of somatic practices as tools to explore the knowledge that inhabits us. We will do so by means of games, dance phrases and improvised somatic explorations.

This co-teaching format gives us a platform to dialogue and learn from each other’s practices, as many dances exist in the same proposal.

This course is accessible to all.

This session offers in 2 sets of 5 classes

From January 29 to February 26, 2024


From Mach 18 mars to April 15, 2024

Come feel-dance through/with/about/by the heart.

Teachers’ Biographies

Kerwin Barrington has facilitated “dance experiences” for 15 years which favor new ways of knowing about the body in movement. She is a certified teacher of The Axis Syllabus and is working towards a master’s degree, researching the expression “To learn by heart” by investigating possible relationships between the heart and learning.

Mathi LP is a dance artist who explores the various postures of body engagement in their relationship to tangible and imagined spaces. Her activities revolve around the intersections of performance, live art creation, academic research, and teaching. She draws inspiration and rejuvenation from contemporary dance and somatic practices. In her research, she observes and invests in sensation as a tool for activism, as well as fluid body practices as a space for identity and relational reflection.