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Call for Applications | Grants – Sponsors invested in the arts

Do you have your heart set on an artistic project that will launch or develop your arts career and activities in Montréal? These grants for emerging artists, artists’ collectives and arts organizations are funded by patrons who are passionate about the arts. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Deadline : August 9 2022


Who is eligible to apply?

Emerging individual artists, artists’ collectives and non-profit arts organizations dedicated to creation (see Glossary for details).

What are the program objectives?

The Brigade Arts Affaires de Montréal (BAAM) has partnered with the Conseil des arts de Montréal for the Mécènes investi-e-s pour les arts (MIA) grant. This grant aims to:

  • develop philanthropic activities supporting creativity in Montréal by encouraging activities for its development and growth
  • identify and support creation initiatives for emerging artists in Montréal


What type of assistance is provided?

A minimum of three grants are awarded annually.

The total of the three grants can reach $15,000. The amount of each grant may vary from project to project.

What is the duration of the support?

This is a one-time, non-recurring grant.

Who funds this program and how is it managed?

The Mécènes investi-e-s pour les arts (MIA) use the venture capital model to invest

in innovative initiatives. Their goal is to encourage professionals to become cultural philanthropists who financially support creativity in Montréal, thus contributing to the city’s vitality.

Each member makes a private donation of $500 to establish a fund that can go up to $15,000 and provide a minimum of three grants annually. The Conseil administers the funds raised, receives applications, manages the grant program and shares its expertise with the MIAs.  Evaluation criteria are established in collaboration with the MIAs to evaluate artistic projects and award grants based on artistic merit.


What are the general eligibility criteria?

Individual artists


  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • be aged 40 or under
  • have been residing on the Island of Montréal for at least one year


  • be recognized as a professional artist as defined by the Conseil
  • have presented at least one artistic work in a professional context

Special conditions

  • the application must include a letter of recommendation from a professional artistic organization.
  • an artist who is part of an organization or collective may apply on an individual basis as long as the project is distinct from the organization’s or the collective’s projects.

Artists’ collectives


  • are a group of artists, regardless of the number (minimum of two)
  • be represented by a person responsible for the application; the representative must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • two thirds of its members must be artists with Canadian citizenship or permanent residence; the proportion of members of the collective residing outside Canada may not exceed one third
  • be composed of artists whose majority (50% + 1) are aged 40 and under
  • comprise a majority of artists (50% + 1) who reside on the Island of Montréal, including the person responsible for the application


  • comprise professional artists as defined by the Conseil
  • have presented at least one artistic work in a professional context

Special conditions

  • the application must include a letter of recommendation from a professional artistic organization.
  • an artist may be part of more than one collective provided each collective is composed of different people by a proportion of 50% + 1.



  • be a non-profit (NPO) incorporated for no more than seven years or a non-profit artists’ cooperative that pays no dividends
  • be headquartered on the Island of Montréal
  • have a board of directors whose members are mainly Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada
  • have the main mandate to create, produce and disseminate artistic works


  • possess a level of recognized and demonstrable competence
  • be managed by qualified individuals
  • present activities whose artistic quality is recognized by peers
  • bring together, represent or employ artists and/or cultural workers
What types of projects are eligible?

The grant awarded serves to assist with the creation and/or production of an innovative work that will be influential on the career of its artist, their artistic discipline or the public. This work must be under development, that is, it must not have been completed before the grant is received.

When must the project be carried out?

The project must be carried out according to the timeline provided in the application.


Can I submit more than one application in the same year?

No, grants are awarded once a year. However, you can apply to the Conseil for other grant or project assistance programs.

Who should submit the application?

The person responsible for the artists’ collective or arts organization (administration, management).

What information and documents must I include in my application?


  • project summary and amount requested
  • activities and brief history
  • project description and work plan:
    • o description of the project and its objective
    • o anticipated benefits of the project (possibilities for dissemination, expected impact in the sector, with target audiences or in the community)
    • o timeline
  • project budget using the Excel form provided on the ORORA platform

Collectives must specify:

  • name, year of birth and home address of group members
  • the names of collaborators involved in the project

Document to include


  • artists’ CVs
  • press kit
  • list of Internet links (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Individual artists and collectives

  • a letter of recommendation from a professional artistic organization


  • letters patent, general regulations and information on the board of directors
  • financial statements from the last fiscal year signed by two members of the board of directors

Limit your answers to the number of words requested. No unsolicited appendix or document sent after the application has been submitted will be retained for evaluation purposes.

Need more information?
Talar Agopian
Project manager – arts and philanthropy

514 280-3857