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Audition BIG BANG – Contemporary Dance Program

Audition – until April 6

BIG BANG is a contemporary dance program directed by Stéphanie Decourteille and offered at Espace Ouvert, located in Montreal. The Fall 2024 program will run from August 26 to December 14 and includes a DEVELOPMENT component that allows artists to develop solid dance techniques, be introduced to a multitude of approaches, and a RESIDENCY component that offers personalized support to develop research work to begin the creation process of a solo. Each program welcomes artists from Quebec, Canada, and abroad.

Information: www.espace-ouvert.com/bigbang

Who is the program for?

BIG BANG is aimed at artists aged 18 and over, dancers, circus artists, actors, or any other individual with a physical and artistic practice. Whether you are self-taught or have already undergone initial training, you must possess a technical physical approach, gestural ease including a good understanding of movement. Each program welcomes artists from Quebec, Canada, and abroad, forming rich and varied groups. This cultural and artistic diversity stimulates collaboration and mutual learning while broadening creative horizons. For foreign artists, the program does not require a study visa.

What is the content of the program?

Each program totals about 350 hours spread over 16 weeks. Each week includes nearly 20 hours of technical classes and workshops spread out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Each program includes mentoring, technical courses (in contemporary dance, contemporary ballet barre, urban dance, theater, etc.), partner workshops, floorwork, improvisation and contact improvisation, exploration and choreographic creation (in collaboration with multidisciplinary artists), research and choreographic writing laboratories, anatomy workshops and functional analysis of the body in danced movement, general culture workshops and exchanges on current dance world news. Classes and workshops are given in French and English.

What are the research and creation laboratories?

A significant part of the program is dedicated to research and choreographic writing laboratories. The aim of these laboratories is to accompany each artist in order to help them develop research on their artistic and choreographic authenticity. At the end of each program, the artists share a work-in-progress version of the solo and the research work in front of an audience. A recording allows the artists to have quality video and photo support to be able to share them with companies, broadcasters, or funding organizations.

(Photographer: Vanessa Fortin _ Performer: Angeline Bourgeault)