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Call for participants – Dance under water

I am a visual artist and videographer in the process of developing a choreography Dance under water of people moving and interacting under water.

I am looking for dancers, swimmers and divers who are at ease to dive under water. You should be able to stay under water easily to move and interact with other people. You would need to be able to open your eyes at least once in a while to coordinate your movements with those of the others. All participants will be dressed in light office clothing and wear shoes.

I will film from a landing with a submerged camera. A person on a stable boat and one on the landing, will be assisting at all times.

I want to start with rehearsals in a pool and finally film a choreographed sequence of about 4 minutes in a lake north of Montreal. The final filming sessions would take place between mid-July and end of August. I would provide transport and food and you will receive a financial compensation (stipend).

Please contact me by e-mail b@bettinahoffmann.net or call me on my landline 514 277-5570.
I speak and read both French and English.

Please consult my recent video work on my website and on Vimeo.