Handstands class with Bailey Eng

  • © Lionel Nguyen

An approach to handstands with a value of fluidity and suspension. Ideal for those who wish to improve movement transitions from feet to hands, whether or not standing on your hands is new or familiar to you!

An offering of techniques which focus on transfer of body weight in and out of the upper body, including handstands, variations of inversions, and specific acrobatic skills. The approach strives to allow a direct integration of acrobatic knowledge into an already existing dance practice. Through the deconstruction of movement mechanics, exercises are offered to build an understanding of the movement using the body's own experience, building proprioception, coordination, strength, and confidence.

An 8 week series of handstand classes
Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm, from April 2 - May 21

Cost (cash or e-transfer):
$15 per class for full session (total $120)
$16.67 for 6 classes ($100)
$20 Drop-in

Location: Parc La Fontaine*
INDOOR location until weather permits OUTDOOR training!
*Meeting location will be communicated when you confirm your attendance

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