Classes techniques RQD avec Heidi Strauss

  • © Jeremy Mimnagh

A combination of set material, directed exploration and improvisation, the class focuses on aspects of external, felt and internal space in the making of choices dancing. The body thinks for itself through the physical experience of emerging in and out of the floor, locomoting and modulating between different degrees of effort and control.  Encouraging the act of listening to the moving body, this class explores the interplay between changing directional pulls, musicality and points of (off)balance.  We will work the mind in order to let the body work for itself.  We will play with letting go and recovering, finding simple paths, and having fun doing it.  


Inscriptions auprès de L’Artère

12 au 23 octobre, de 10 h à midi


Inscriptions auprès de la compagnie de danse Sursaut

4 au 6 novembre 2015, 9h30 à 11h30

9 au 11 novembre 2015, 10h à 12h

12 et 13 novembre 2015, 9h30 à 11h30 

Enseignante : Heidi Strauss

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