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Ce stage est possible grâce à la collaboration du Studio 303

Body Ritual Movement invites to explore our physical and ethereal qualities through the accessing into our authentic states of reality. We link our individuality with the collectiveness by a sense of RITUAL . As deep as we venture into the process to open and share our intimacy, as more powerful our energetic-dance offering to others becomes. We can trust more in our truly and essential expression emerging from the activation/training of the extraordinary energetic-emotional body centers, reaching a hight level of consciousness and concern of community, beyond any particular aesthetic convention, giving us a more useful sense of the corporal communication around our creative human needs of transformation ,- in or out side of the stage-, opening the possibility to recreate the original energetic principals of ancestral rituals , to venerate our roots, to take care of our present , to heal ourselves developing our intuitive body wisdom to continue evolving not only as artists , as well as a dancing healers, assuming more the powerful human qualities to trascend the worldwide challenges to continue inhabit this wonderful planet .

OÙ : Maison pour la danse - Studio C (336 rue du Roi)

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Diego Piñón
Butoh Ritual Mexicano present a RITUAL DANCE proposal as a result of more than 35 years of exploration in different fields OF THE BODY EXPRESSION : artistic - stage ritual - therapeutic. Diego departs from his practice and research in it´s own Mexican Roots, Shamanistic and Energetic Mexican Training , integrating modern dance and theater as well a deep sense of the Ritual Traditions in Mexico, until he reached the meaningful connection with his Japanese guides from who get the Butoh influence.

D. P. believes it is possible to awake and blend the different sides of the human wisdom nested inside our DNA as pieces of a puzzle to redirect our collective destiny with respect and acknowledge to every human micro- culture as well to the Ancient Traditions, to Japanese Butoh and to any kind of modern body practice to expand consciousness, to assume more and more the process of transculturation where humanity it is involve.

Since 1995 he establish the term Butoh Ritual Mexicano and now reestablish as a Body Ritual Movement like a way to synthesize his vision, folowing the intention to create a bridge between western and eastern cultures as well between our past and future horizonts of evolution, Diego have been sharing his creative proposal in many countries since then as a guide and performer .

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