Aattitle - Simon Portigal + Èbe - Sarah Bronsard & Patrick St-Denis

  • © Adrian Morillo


An experimental dance performance, Aattitle aims point blank at language’s grip on the production of experience, seeking to violate our fetish for linearity.
Simon Portigal endeavours to abandon the security of identification by using dance to forge weapons of soft, slippery mutability. This work requires a flatscreen monitor, a hazer, full lighting grid possibilities, the ability to hang mylar, a good router and wifi connection in the theatre. In its current form, this work premiered at the MAI in April 2017. The work was also supported in older iterations through the 3rd Floor Projects (Yves Sheriff/Usine C) and at Summerworks Performance Festival (Toronto). 



Èbe (in development) – 30 minutes
Èbe is a collaboration between Sarah Bronsard (dance) and Patrick Saint-Denis (audio art) developed around an interactive set design composed of a choir of five accordion-robots that interact with the dance. The performance addresses the tidal phenomena, the breathing process and some rhythmic/ sonic elements coming from flamenco tradition, visited through the prism of digital technologies. Èbe will premiere at Tangente (Montreal) in February 2018 and has benefited from a residency at Studio 303, at Corps Chorus, and from support by Jeunes Mécènes investis pour les arts and the CALQ.

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