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Paco Ziel




Paco Ziel is a dancer, creator and dance teacher. Born in México City, he started his career training in classical dance at l'École supérieure de ballet du Quebec, which developed in him an early interest for a greater body awareness, bringing Paco to discover different ways of training such as Gaga, Rubberband method, Yoga, Feldenkrais and meditation.

His movement draws from a broad variety of sources, in particular a deep passion for the Mexican cultural wealth, its rituals and rhythms. Therefore, his dance radiates an intimate understanding of nature and the relation with the self. 

Parting from this relation, Paco cofounded in 2014 Quantum Collective, an artistic laboratory that detonates and nurtures discussions about new ways of perceiving the act of choreographing in collaboration with artists from different times and spaces. He currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada, where he dances for RUBBEBANDANCE group. 

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