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The Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) is a non-profit association, active at the municipal, provincial and federal levels, that represents and defends the interests of over 500 dance professionals. Founded in 1984 in response to the Québec dance community’s need for a common voice, the RQD represents all stakeholders in professional dance: performers, choreographers, teachers, researchers, rehearsal directors, cultural workers, specialized presenters, dance companies, professional dance schools and service organizations. This broad-based membership allows the RQD to play a leadership role in implemen-ting long-term development projects for the entire discipline.

For 29 years, the RQD has developed the many facets of dance and has actively raised awareness of the conditions in which this demanding art is practised. Closely involved with the evolution of a discipline that has reached a turning point in its history, the RQD initiates and supports all projects promoting collective action and long-term initiatives.

The RQD’s actions are aligned with five strategic directions:

  • Strengthening the association: Ensure that original and repertoire dance professionals are represented by the association;
  • Consensus-building and mobilization: Keep members committed to improving working conditions in the discipline;
  •  Advocacy: Make governments and funding agencies aware of the discipline’s development needs;
  • Promoting the discipline: Strengthen the place of dance in the public mind and media;
  • Organization: Ensure that the association has the necessary resources to carry out its strategic plan.

> Download the RQD Presentation (2013).



The RQD Membership Policy is based on the eligibility criteria of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and the Canada Council for the Arts. It was unanimously adopted by the RDQ Board of Directors on March 14, 2013.

Within the RQD, there are four membership categories:

  • Professional Individual Member
  • Professional Corporate Member
  • Apprentice Member
  • Associate Member

All members must meet the definition and admission requirements of their category, and submit the required supporting documents.

> Download the RQD Membership Policy

> Download the RQD Model Letters – Certification of Paid Services 

Acces the online application form (french only)



The Master Plan for Professional Dance in Quebec is a first, comprehensive review of the sector and all of its components, which have the potential to radically transform Qubec’s dance landscape over the next ten years. It looks at professional dance in Quebec from within and without, on a macro- and microscopic scale, using a terminology that we hope will form the basis of a common language.

The initiatives, actions and tools proposed by the Master Plan are based on some 100 recommendations adopted at the second États généraux de la danse conference in April 2009 to address the problems, issues and challenges closely analyzed by over 200 dance practitioners during the Grands Chantiers de de la danse project.

> Download the Master Plan for Professional Dance in Québec 2011-2021

> Download the Executive Summary that presents in a succinct manner the content of the Master Plan



Acquiring new knowledge, improving skills, reaching professional goals, developing know-how, these are some opportunities offered to dance professionals through the RQD Continuing Education Program since 1999. (information available in French only)

The Dancer Training Support Program

The Dancer Training Support Program is an indispensable tool for dancers whose economic conditions are as precarious as they were when the program was set up in 1993. Each year, the Program assists dancers by subsidizing the cost of regular training in various techniques throughout the year. This training is essential to the profession, whether the dancer is in period of rehearsal, performance, unemployment or social assistance. This support takes the form of a financial aid paid directly to the dancers upon presentation of their training receipts.

> Download The Dancer Training Support Program



Most of the resources and publications on the Québec Danse website are available in French only. However, in an ongoing effort to reach out to all its members, the RQD has translated and is providing some documents in English.